PropTech Future's PropTech Startup Pitch Competition: Time To Vote

PropTech Future’s first Startup Pitch Competition is underway. The submission deadline has officially ended, and now is time to vote for the finalists. As a subscriber of PropTech Future, you have the opportunity to vote for the winner. Below are the 62 entries (voting link below):

VOTE HERE - LINK To Voting Form

To access the Pitch Decks for each entry, please click here, and click on the “Startup Pitch Competition” tab. Once you have identified the startup which you believe is the most innovative company, please use the following form to vote to for your favorite - here

Each subscriber can vote once. The top 6 companies (3 with the most votes and 3 sponsor choices), will pitch live (virtually) on September 14th at 10:00am EST. Every PropTech Future subscriber is invited to stream the event live. Please reserve your complimentary ticket to the event at this link - here

Our judging panel is made of leading VCs and Industry Executives: Judging Panel

A huge Thank You to our sponsors: